EuropeClouds Summit 2021 -Chicken or the egg? Apps or hybrid cloud

May 4, 2022

EuropeClouds Summit 2021

Chicken or the egg? Apps or hybrid cloud

The world over, digital is becoming the fuel of success for business, commerce, governments and economies. As a result, we have taken a giant leap closer to a digital-first, app-driven future. It is cloud – be that private, public, hybrid, edge or even a combination of all in a multi-cloud world – that will help continue and accelerate this trajectory, driving the success and speed of app development and distribution.
Joe Baguley, VP & CTO EMEA at VMware will talk through how businesses can prioritise app development - the DNA of any business - and overcome any cloud fears, with particular focus on how the cloud conversation isn’t about cloud, building and deploying apps in the cloud and the value and challenge of data
Joe Baguley


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