ItalyClouds Raccomanda #29 - 16.11.20

November 16, 2020

News updates (From 8.11.2020 to 14.11.2020)

Service Announcements / Updates:

  • S3 Intelligent-Tiering Adds Archive Access Tiers

  • Introducing AWS Gateway Load Balancer – Easy Deployment, Scalability, and High Availability for Partner Appliances

  • Majority of Alexa Now Running on Faster, More Cost-Effective Amazon EC2 Inf1 Instances

  • Azure HDInsight ID Broker (HIB) is now generally available

  • Premium tier for Azure Data Lake Storage is now generally available

  • SQL Server Analysis Services Virtual Machine images now available

  • SQL Server Reporting Services Virtual Machine images now available

  • New constrained vCPUs capable VMs now available

  • Support for Oracle WebLogic Server on Azure Kubernetes Service is now available

  • New SAP HANA Certified Memory-Optimized Virtual Machines now available

Trend Reports and Opinions:

  • IDC MarketScape: U.S. Public Cloud Cold Storage Services 2020 Vendor Assessment

  • 10 ways the pandemic affected cloud investment

  • Microsoft says it’s mystified over West Virginia’s $8 million contract with Google Cloud

  • New Insights: Containers and Kubernetes Adoption on the Rise – But Security Remains an Issue


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