La settimana in rassegna - Mondo StartUp #23 - 27.09.2020

September 27, 2020

The startup which unveils its electricity technology and aspires to create a fuel-free aircraft

Meet Heart Aerospace (founded in 2018) – the startup which aspires to create airplanes that will be all-electric-based. The company expects that the first 19-seater electric regional airliner will be operating by the year of 2025. Heart Aerospace has revealed its innovative technology at a meetup in Gothenburg.  

Meet the startup that raised 26M Euro to help you with your migraines:

Salvia BioElectronics has already proved its efficiency in helping people with chronic migraines, but they still didn't go to market with the product. Nevertheless, the company just announced the closing of a 26M Euro raising from existing & new investors. The company's product is in the form of Bioelectronics foils that can be inserted below the skin.

The sky is literally not the limit: ICEYE raises 74M Euro (Valuation)

The Finnish SpaceTech startup has already launched 5 satellite missions, and it plans on launching at least 12 more until the end of 2021. For that goal, ICEYE announced the closing of its series C round, with the total raising amount of (approximately) 129M Euro to date. The raising round was led by True Ventures. ICEYE will hopefully play a key role in predicting the world's future problems.


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