La settimana in rassegna - Mondo StartUp #30 - 15.11.2020

November 15, 2020

Who is the European startup which is valued at $2B?

Hopin is an online-events startup which now closed its third raising round of 2020 and raised $171M altogether. The company tells us that it's about to expand to more than 800 workers during next year (there are 215 now). The growth is remarkable: Annual revenues grew from $0 to $20M, and the number of event-attendees grew from 16K in March to more than 3.5M now.

Snapchat acquires an Israeli startup for $70M

Another exit to the startup nation: Snapchat, the giant has acquired – which is developing the bot that will replace the next customer support representee you will be talking to. And guess what? You will not even notice, according to what the team says. The company was founded in 2017 by Einav Itamar (Founder of Corrigon, which was acquired by eBay) and Dr. Alan Bekker.

Who is the new player in the market of E-scooters?

Tier, an E-scooter Berlin-based startup, has raised $250M during its last series C round, which was led by SoftBank 2 Vision Fund. That move is joining a series of late-stage investments the fund has been doing lately, specifically via its Vision Fund Team. Tier is now valued at $1B, according to Financial Times.


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