Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #107

Cloud Computing
May 20, 2022

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #107- 13.05.22 - 20.05.22 

AWS IntroducesStorage-Optimized I4i Instances for IO-Heavy Workloads

AWS recently introduced the EC2 I4i instance type for data-intensivestorage and IO-heavy workloads requiring fast access to medium-sized datasets.The new instances can benefit high-performance real-time relational databases,distributed file systems, data warehouses and key-value stores.

The EC2 I4i instances run 3rd generationIntel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake) processors and offer NVMe-based Nitro SSD localstorage, providing high I/O performance, low latency and minimal latencyvariability.


Microsoft’s Azure ADConditional Access Service Can Now Require Reauthentication

Microsoft has added re-authentication support in Azure AD Conditional Access. The company says that it’s one of thetop-requested features from customers, who will now be able to configurepolicies to require authentication by end-users.

Microsoft defines sign-in frequency as the time periodbefore a user is required to log in again when accessing a particular resource.Currently, the user sign-in frequency is set to a “rolling window of 90 days” by default for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) customers. The new Conditional Access reauthenticationpolicies feature enables IT Admins to change the sign-in frequency ofapplications that use the OAUTH2 or OIDC protocols.


Google Cloud launches open-source service and new zero-trust offering

Sunil Potti vice president and general manager of Cloud Security forGoogle, announced that Google Cloud is launching a newoffering called the Assured Open Source Software service. The new tool willenable enterprises and public sector organizations to view the OSS packagesGoogle approves and uses within developer workflows. 

These packages are regularly scanned for vulnerabilities and verifiablysigned by Google to certify that they’re secure for enterprises to use. 


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