Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #50 - 16.04.2021

EuropeClouds Team
April 16, 2021

AWS announces its Open Source Elasticsearch under its fork

AWS has announced that it launches its Open Source Elasticsearch under its own fork – OpenSearch, in contrast to Elastic's announcement about its Elasticsearch, under the Server Side Public License, which is not Open Sourced. AWS is about to change the name of Amazon Elasticsearch Service to Amazon OpenSearch Service, but not to change the service itself.

Microsoft will provide the platform for the gaming company BetKing

The relationship between Microsoft Azure and BetKing began in the Summer of 2019. Microsoft will not only provide the tech infrastructure for BetKing, but it will also guide and support the company in digital transformation, including migration to the cloud. In addition, the collaboration will allow BetKing to use Azure tech tools, e.g., Azure Databricks. Eva Angelopoulou, which is responsible for Azure, Data and AI technologies at BetKing, has said:  “Initially we migrated the whole infrastructure onto Azure, to ensure agility with minimum maintenance and administration, and they maintained their own on-premise data center as Disaster Recovery site. In the second phase, we moved that over as well.”

GCP now offers the industrial OSIsoft PI System platform

GCP has announced that the industrial data platform of OSIsoft, which is popular among engineers, will be now available for GCP customers. The companies aspire to empower the industrial sector with more efficient ways of generating valuable business insights, in managed and secured environments. The insights include: analyzing seasonal trends; Determining when maintenance is required on equipment; and Optimizing the utilization or performance of a production line.

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