Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #52 - 30.04.2021

EuropeClouds Team
April 30, 2021

AWS and GCP have won the Israel's governance project

AWS and GCP were chosen to establish a governmentwide data center infrastructure for cloud computing services, and to help the public sector and the Israeli defense offices to build local repositories of sensitive data under the Nimbus project. According to reports, other Cloud providers aspired to lead that project, including Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and IBM Cloud.

Microsoft adds new Azure specializations to Coursera

Microsoft adds three more courses to the known learning website Coursera, which will cover AI Fundamentals, Azure Fundamentals and Data Fundamentals. The AI course will be launched in May, and will teach ML, computer vision, natural language processing, etc.. The Azure course will provide the students with basic understanding of Microsoft's cloud services, along with knowledge in cloud solution building. In addition, it will help students prepare to the Microsoft AZ-900 exam. The Data course will teach students how to use Azure to store, process, manage and analyze data.

GCP has announced a new region – in Israel

GCP has announced building a new region in Israel, aspiring to help customers to provide their own customers with better, faster, more reliable and more secure services. The region will also accelerate the innovation among companies that work with GCP, including PayBox, managed by Discount bank. Boaz Maoz, Country Director, Israel in GCP, has said: "Google has long looked to Israel for globally impactful technologies including popular Search features, Waze, Live Caption, Duplex and flood forecasting. At our Decode with Google 15RAEL event last week, we celebrated 15 years of Google innovation in Israel and our longstanding support of the country’s vibrant startup ecosystem."

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