Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #81

Cloud Computing
November 19, 2021

Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #81

Under Armour focuses SAP solutions on the AWS

cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that Under Armour has selected it as the top cloud provider for SAP with the goal of increasing resiliency, improving security and generating more meaningful insights from all areas of the business.

Microsoft Introduces Azure Gateway Load Balancer

Microsoft announced the preview of Gateway Load Balancer, a fully managed serviceenabling users to deploy, scale, and enhance the availability of third party Network Virtual Appliances (NVAs) in Azure, that builds on that capability. Users can add a favorite third party appliance whether it is a firewall, inline DDoS appliance, deep packet inspection system, or even a custom appliance in to the network path transparently – all with a single click.

Google Cloud Glitch Causes Snapchat, Spotify, Etsy To Crash

A Google Cloud outage Tuesday caused a glitch andcrashed frequently used websites and apps such as Snapchat, Spotify andEtsy.

Google began suffering the connection issue at around 1 p.m. ET. It affected about a dozen sites along with tens of thousands of users. The company sent a message to users saying how it plans to investigate the issue and that it apologizes for any inconvenience. By 1:30 p.m. ET, most of the sites that were affected began to restore service.


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